Importance of design consistency across on and off-line

Graphic design is a blueprint that one comes up with for an organization, and is used for product development through marketing. Different organizations have different designs; some have more than one design to market their products to their targeted customers. It is good to have design consistency for your brand as an organization because it directly links to your product development.  Design consistency is vital for every organizations’ growth

It is good to have a design consistency as an organization because it affects your progress regarding marketing your products to different clients. When you have a consistent design for your company, you can expand your market in that your clients can be able to differentiate your product from others of similar niche. In the market today, it is true that almost all products have alternatives in that different organization produces the same product but the difference comes in the branding. When you have a consistent graphic design for your products, clients would easily differentiate your products from others on the shelves. Once you maintain your design, you will be able to keep your customers and easily acquire referrals. When a client likes your product, they can easily refer it to their friends if you have a consistent design because they can easily describe as they are used to the graphic design.

Design consistency also increases the value of your product. Most of the customers are usually hesitant to adopt new products especially with the increased velocity at which fake items are intruding the market today. The moment you maintain your design, clients’ trust in your product will develop because they believe the design consistency is associated with originality and that is what everybody wants. Original items are usually considered to be of high quality. When customers believe in your product then automatically the value increases and you can even hike the price but the belief instilled in them through your consistent design will keep them loyal. Increased product value is a plus for every organization, and no one would want to be left out if all it requires of you is a consistent design.

Consistent design reduces expenditure cost and saves on time. When you have one design that is applied to all your products, then the charge of designing new designs will have been avoided. Coming up with a design is a process that takes time because the organization has to meet, give suggestions and then select the best design that fits their brand. After choosing the right design, the best designer has to be summoned to work on the design which will also take time. All the time used for making a design can be saved by maintaining a specific design for your organization. Saving on time and expenditure helps the company to focus on other majors centered on their development.

How to design an outstanding brochure!

Some of the typical design that you should beware of is the brochure design process. A brochure is usually a summary of the services and products of an organization with pictures. Some of the basics on coming up with an outstanding brochure include;

  • Understand what you want to in cooperate in the booklet- it is good to set your content first so that you can understand how to organize your document.
  • Choose the right size- size is critical because most clients would prefer something that is easy to carry and at the same time have all the content they need.
  • Limit your font style- you should not mix too many fonts as it will distort the appearance.
  • Major on the first impression- you should be cautious with your first page because it determines if clients would be interested in your document, so you should use attractive images on your cover page.
  • You should add compelling graphics and pictures- the photos that you choose should go hand in hand with your text to attract readers.
  • Use simple statements- it is good to use simple language that can easily be understood by everyone.
  • Good choice of color is key- you should choose the right color that attracts your readers. The message of the brochure should be emphasized visually through your colors as the color is directly tied to emotions.

To finish with the importance of design consistency, as far as you should have a consistent design, your design should be able to accommodate future customization. As time changes you might need to adjust a few things in your design, and therefore a consistent design should accommodate customization without altering with the design appearance.